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Dateline: 24th December 2005

As the season of goodwill is once again upon us it's time for us to wish all our customers a Merry Feckin' Cripmas and also to offer humble apologies for the lack of recent updates - this will be addressed in the new year (yeah, yeah, we know ...but new pages and thangs are being worked on - honest!)

In the meantime, the back wall of the shoppe now features a small exhibition of recent and not so recent gig pix taken by Mr. Mark McNulty (the Duracell Rabbit of the photographic community) featuring such internationally renowned recording artistes as: The Fall, Lee Perry, Stereo MCs, Spiritualized, Julian Cope, The Rutles ...and many more.

Here's his snaps of Goldfrapp and The Shortwave Set:

goldfrapp shortwave set

And here's a nice one he took of the shop:

probe interior

You can check out a heapin' helpin' of his other images at

The flyers page is now complete so you can view some fab new images (and some fab old ones)

Should you be in the Liverpool area (or visiting soon) check out the new Korova bar on Fleet Street (just round the the corner from us) - smarter than yer average bands and DJs on there most nights plus they've got the best jukebox in the city - and we should know cause we supplied most of the music for it. And... the great Elvira "Scared Stiff" pinball!

And finally:

Bored over Christmas? Eaten too many mince pies and suffering from the ennui of endless bonhomie? Then why not amuse yourself by checking out our mate Da Prof's Kingsize Blog Site - a veritable Christmas dinner stuffed with items on everything from bootleg mash-ups to Gilligan's Island - garnished with links thru to a veritable plum duff of far out sites. It's the real gravy, daddy-o!

See you in the next year - don't be late!

...and we'll try to be on time as well.

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